Bridge of Cultural Connectivity

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with a rich tapestry of residents from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Its principles of inclusion, open-mindedness and tolerance have made it a hub and cultural destination, attracting people from all corners of the globe, culminating in the UAE declaring 2019 the Year of Tolerance.

EXPO 2020 Dubai is testimony to the success and promotion of the city as a centre and destination to learn, experiment and innovate, recognising the importance of collaboration across cultures and regions to drive progress.

It is against this background that the Bridge of Cultural Connectivity evolved, to celebrate Dubai as a centre for tolerance, collaboration and innovation, to recognize the power of man’s creative potential and aspirations and to connect with and care for future generations, the tenets of Dubai, as envisioned through its leadership.

The Bridge of Cultural Connectivity is a striking 175m long, 35m high pedestrian-friendly elevated linear Park across the Dubai Canal. It is a recreation, entertainment and educational destination, featuring a collection of gardens that occupy 5,000 m2, with plant families from East and West, a theatre for concerts and performances, two museums that are experience centres to showcase innovation and talent, past achievements and also looking to future generations and advances in science and technology. The Park also features cycling and running tracks, waterfalls and light shows, information centres, food trucks and shops to enhance the experience of its users and engage the city on a cultural and commercial level. Its 900 m2 of Solar Panels will harvest solar energy to power its water features, light shows etc.

The location and elevation of the Bridge provide spectacular views of the city and two of its most famous landmarks, Burj Khalifa to the West and Dubai Creek Tower to the East. The Bridge provides relief from the high-density, high-rise cityscape and creates a lively extension to its neighbour, the Dubai Design District (d3), where talented designers, artists and creative thinkers collaborate and innovate.

  • Location: Dubai Canal, Dubai, UAE
  • Client: Roads & Transport Authority
  • Size: 7,000 m2 surface area, 175m wide
  • Status: Design completed in 2019