The townhouse remains one of the most popular residential typologies in Dubai, particularly given its cosmopolitan socio-economic and demographic structure.

Within a terrace setting, the townhouse is a compact residential unit of two or three storeys high, usually ranging from 150 to 250m². It provides an economical and very efficient living unit for small expatriate families, and makes a great starter home alternative to an apartment.

Over the years, Diar Consult has designed many fine examples of such dwelling units to the satisfaction of several clients. The Townhouses typically benefit from an open-plan living space on the ground floor that maximizes the perception of space by creating long vistas from the front entrance hall to the rear garden. Balconies at upper levels extend the accommodation and connect to the outside while articulating the envelope and creating a rhythmic facade, emphasised by inspired material choices.

  • Location: Various locations
  • Client: Various
  • Size: Various, up to 250m2
  • Status: Completed