Themed Villas

Large-scale community housing developments are typically designed without an end user client so the design is speculative and must appeal to the mass market. Given the many nationalities of expatriates living in the UAE, flexibility and adaptability are important factors in creating appeal.

In a master planned community with many hundreds of villas, it is necessary to provide some variety in the villa designs in order to aid recognition and navigation, and avoid monotony. It can be sufficient to vary colour and size, but this is often not enough.

Theming the villas stylistically via the adjustment of external detailing is an effective method of creating visual relief while broadening appeal from a marketing perspective. In this manner, it is possible to drastically alter the look of a villa without generating an alternative plan layout. The style can be produced using a selection of interchangeable details and materials while still benefitting from economies of scale.

Diar Consult are specialists in economically producing stylised themed villa designs for developer clients. Diar has applied this approach to a number of large-scale communities in the UAE.

  • Location: Various sites, UAE
  • Client: Various
  • Size: Various
  • Status: Completed