Diar Consult is a culturally sensitive international consultancy effectively comprising three design practices in one: urban design and master planning, architecture and related landscape design, and interior design.

Services in each discipline are provided by a dedicated specialist team who, whilst operating with efficient autonomy, benefit from the support, resource and cross pollination that can only result from being part of a large, established practice.

Diversity without compromise

Although Diar Consult is an international practice, it prides itself on providing a bespoke, personal service tailored to realising the full potential of projects regardless of size, typology and budget. Projects are not designed by applying a house style or formula, but rather by diligent and conscientious analysis of a client’s particular needs and the project’s specific context, thereby ensuring a uniquely appropriate end result.

Spectrum of services

Urban design and master planning

  • Site selection studies
  • Project feasibility analyses
  • Master planning and design
  • Planning
  • Built form environmental impact analysis on global master plans

Architectural services and related landscape design

  • Development appraisal
  • Architectural and related landscape design
  • Contract administration / supervision
  • Conservation and Restoration

Interior design services

  • Interior design; programming
  • Space management
  • Corporate standards development
  • Space planning; operation’s interior evaluation
  • Corporate and retail branding